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Yoshio Terada

I have been active as a Java evangelist since Sun Microsystems and Oracle Japan for a long time, providing the latest Java technical information and revitalizing Java community activities with the Japan Java User Group (JJUG). In July 2015, I moved to Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Even after changing company, I am still promoting and enlightening the use of Java on the Microsoft platform. In July 2016, I became the second Japanese Java Champion. Since July 2018, I have been working as a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft Corporation.I am also one of the board members of Japanese Java Users Group. 2013 Nikkei Computer: I was selected as one of the 100 people who invigorate the world. SNS Twitter: @yoshioterada

Takashi Ito

Over 20years of experiences of product management for application server products at BEA Systems Japan, Sun Microsystems and Oracle Japan. In pallarel, organizing huge Java events in Japan - JavaOne Tokyo and Java Day Tokyo for several times coopration with japanese java communities. Currently working for Oracle Corporation and covering Japan and Asia, Principal product manager for Enterprise Java products such as WebLogic Server and Helidon. SNS Twitter: @itakash

Kenji Kazumura

Kenji Kazumura is a member of Jakarta EE Speficiation Committee and MicroProfile Steering Committee. He is actively working for defining Jakarta EE and MicroProfile specifications as a committee member. He is also a member of JCP EC and advocating Java and Java related technologies worldwide. He lead the development of Interstage Application Server and Application Platform at Fujitsu.

Hiromi Takahashi

In 2006, I joined UFJIS (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Information Technology, Ltd.), and was in charge of the current post after developing market-based web applications, developing in-house frameworks utilizing Java EE, standardizing various technologies, agile development of smartphone applications for customers using SpringBoot as the back end, and managing director of the Digital Produce Department. While emphasizing technical skill improvement and utilization, and team growth, I am engaged in activities to disseminate new technologies both inside and outside the company.I have contributed Java-related articles to Nikkei SYSTEMS magazine and have appeared multiple times at various Java and agile events, and aims to contribute to the community and share information by speaking at the event.I have three children, lively and happy.

Takakiyo, TANAKA

Joined IBM Japan at 1998. Technical Specialist of WebSphere Application Server since 2000. Technical writing, session speaker in Java/Java EE technology.

Kenji Hasunuma

I worked at a Japanese system integrator as software systems requirement definition, design, development and maintenance, and planning and proceeding new business. And then, I worked at Services Ltd as customer support, Japanese localisation, Jakarta EE and Micrsoprofile evangerism, and etc.

Yuichi Kusano

Jojned Fujitsu at 2011. Technical sales of Interstage Application Server(Fujitsu Java Application Server) , recently been promoting Jakarta EE and MicroProfile through seminars and blogs.

Hirofumi Iwasaki

A technical manager, for enterprise systems, over 20 years in Japan. A specialist of the enterprise app design and development using Jakarta EE and MicroProfile with Java, for many important system developments. Also known as a frequent speaker of JavaOne conference in US. Living in Fukuoka, Japan.

Koki Kosaka

Joined Fujitsu Limited at 2017. Since 2021 he has been developing Fujitsu's Java products, the Enterprise Application Platform and the Launcher. He is also a contributor to the Jakarta EE community.

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