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JakartaOne Language Host Process

The Jakarta EE Working Group’s goal is to organize one JakartaOne Livestream per year and grow the Language Specific JakartaOne Livestream event series in different languages.

JakartaOne Livestream is a virtual conference proven to be a great way to reach out to the vast Java developer community. By the end of 2020, in addition to the principal JakartaOne Livestream with its audience of nearly 2,000 expected attendees, three Language Specific JakartaOne Livestreams will be hosted, with an expected total audience of nearly 1,000 developers across the globe, listening in Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) & Spanish.

These Language Specific events are organized by the community and serve as a great way for individuals to build their network and presence in the community while benefiting from the Jakarta EE brand and the tested hosting process.

Community members interested in organizing their own language specific Language Specific JakartaOne Livestream events should create a GitHub issue and fill in the required information. Next, send an email to with the names of individuals on the proposed Program Committee and their email address.

The Eclipse Foundation team will reach out for the next steps. Once a GitHub issue is submitted, the approval of the Jakarta EE Marketing Committee and the Steering Committee is needed in order to proceed with the event.

JakartaOne events are funded via the Jakarta EE Working Group budget. Organization of the event needs to be raised during the Marketing and Steering Committee calls. Anyone from these Jakarta EE Working Group Committees are welcome to get involved in driving the event along with the Eclipse Foundation staff. The event will be considered approved when there is an agreement from the Jakarta EE Working Group’s Marketing and Steering Group Committees and Eclipse Foundation staff involved in the work of the Jakarta EE Working Group.

The approval will be noted in the GitHub issue. If the application is approved, the Eclipse Foundation will provide the framework and guidance for organizing the event including:

  • A specific folder in the Community Folder so the progress is transparent for everyone.
    • Social media script examples to be translated by the program committee
    • Policies for speakers, hosting & marketing the event
  • Access to an account to be used for CFP -
  • Platform to be used for the conference -
    • Creation of the crowdcast event
  • Creation of a regional twitter handle to be managed by the program committee
  • Creation of the event website on to be updated and managed by the program committee
  • Regular assistance with the hosting process including bi-weekly meetings with the Eclipse team and training on using the complete process.

The event needs to remain vendor-neutral and should have the following main categories on the program:

  • Keynotes
  • Vendor / Industry brief keynotes highlighting Jakarta EE compatible products
  • Jakarta EE & MicroProfile related technical sessions

The process to host a Regional JakartaOne Livestream should begin no later than 16 weeks prior to the planned hosting date. Below is a broad timeline of the event process:

Time from EventActionPersonnel
-16 Weeks minimum from requested dateRequest for event created by Program CommitteeProgram Committee
-14 weeks from requested dateRequest for event approved by marketing committeeEclipse Foundation
-13 weeksFirst MeetingEclipse Foundation & Program Committee
Program committee sets weekly meetingsProgram Committee
Program committee sets bi-weekly meetings with Eclipse FoundationProgram Committee & Eclipse Foundation
Event Date ConfirmedPC & EF
Slack Channel Created for PCEF
Event placeholder created on CrowdcastEF
-12 weeksEvent website createdEF with input from PC
Social channel createdEF
-11 weeksOne week of social posts announcing event & datePC
-10 weeksCFP Created on Papercall.ioEF
Update website to add CFPPC
-10 weeks to -8 weeksCFP open - promote 2/3x weekly on socialPC
Jakarta EE Staff recruit VendorsVEC + Jakarta Program Manager
-8 weeksClose CFP on & update websitePC
Session votingPC
Update website to open registrationPC
-8 weeks to -7 weeks2/3x social posts announcing registration openPC
-7 weeksFinalize program, collect titles, abstracts, speaker infoPC
Publish Program to websitePC
Update Crowdcast with event detailsEF
-6 weeks to event3x weekly social promotion for registration, speakers & topicsPC
-4 weeksFirst PC Crowdcast walkthroughEF & PC
-3 weeksSecond PC Crowdcast walkthroughEF & PC
-2 weeksFirst Speaker Crowdcast testPC
-1 weekSecond Speaker Crowdcast testPC
All work for event completePC & EF
EVENTSocial Posts for each sessionPC
+1 daySocial Post thanking attendees and speakersPC
+1 dayUpload sessions to YouTubeEF
+2-3 daysUpdate event website to reflect completion & link Youtube videosPC
Event ReviewEF & PC
+7 daysSocial Post Thanking Attendees & Speakers, Directing to Youtube VideosPC
+1 week until -16 weeks next eventSocial Handle Upkeep (1x weekly retweet of Eclipse/JakartaEE content)PC
-16 weeks next eventRe-establish Program CommitteeEclipse Foundation & Former Program Committee

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