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Reza Rahman

Reza Rahman is Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure at Microsoft. He works to make sure Java developers are first class citizens at Microsoft and Microsoft is a first class citizen of the Java ecosystem.

Reza has been an official Java technologist at Oracle. He is the author of the popular book EJB 3 in Action from Manning Publishing. Reza has long been a frequent speaker at Java User Groups and conferences worldwide including JavaOne and Devoxx. He has been the lead for the Java EE track at JavaOne as well as a JavaOne Rock Star Speaker award recipient. He was the program chair for the inaugural JakartaOne conference. Reza is an avid contributor to industry journals like DZone. He has been a member of the Java EE, EJB and JMS expert groups over the years. Reza implemented the EJB container for the Resin open source Java EE application server. He helps lead the Philadelphia Java User Group. Reza is proud to be a founding member of the Jakarta EE Ambassadors.

Ondro Mihályi

Ondro is a software developer and consultant specializing in combining standard and proven tools to solve new and challenging problems. He's been developing in Java for over 10 years. He’s worked for clients like Payara, LottoLand, Uniqa and others.

He has co-founded OmniFish, which provides enterprise support for Eclipse GlassFish and expert Jakarta EE services. He’s passionate about helping his clients and the wider Java community with their projects based on Jakarta EE and similar technologies.

As an experienced Java developer and instructor, he's helped companies build and educate their development teams and improve their development processes.

He's a core member of several opensource projects and Jakarta EE specification projects. He’s a frequent conference speaker, leader of the Czech JUG, and a Java Champion.

Mads Opheim

Developer who wants to make people awesome in a safe environment. Test-driven development, Domain-driven design and Modern agile. Working at Computas, currently on an assignment for the Norwegian Welfare Administration (NAV).

Luqman Saeed

Luqman Saeed is currently an Enterprise Java developer, technical writer, trainer and published author. His almost two decades of industrial experience spans management and leadership positions across various sectors, including software development and teaching. He is currently in the production process of the second edition of the much popular Java Enterprise Edition 8 for Beginners course on Udemy, this time updated and revised for Jakarta EE.

Igor De Souza

Igor currently works as a Software Engineer in a Data Engineer team. With over 20 years of experience with Java and over 10 years in the Big Data world, Igor had the opportunity to work with Hadoop and its ecosystem right when Hadoop was created. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with Raspberry Pi and is an active member of the Maker community, highly engaged with STEM and CoderDojo. Igor Organizes a Facebook group for Brazilian IT in Ireland with over 12k participants. He is currently working on a pet project where he uses a Led Strip to teach basic concepts of data structure e data streaming.

David Matejcek

I am a Java EE and Jakarta EE developer since 2005, rescuing "dead horse projects" especially when it is widely accepted that it is not possible. Do you know that relief when you reduce complexity? Do you know that happiness of all those side effects which were not expected at all? I mean ... not those bad side effects, zombies attacking from your suite case - I mean positive side effects. You just wanted to understand the code, so you changed formatting, renamed variables, methods, reduced their visibility, understood the API, started moving things ... and when you understood, somehow it worked with a better performance. Something broke? Easier to fix than to fix a typo before your changes. You even have fun of writing tests, huh! Found bug is a good bug. Are you happy? I am!

Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson has over 20 years experience contributing to and leading various open source projects at the Eclipse and the Apache Foundations. His current focus includes development of the Open Liberty project, moving the Eclipse Jakarta and Eclipse OSGi specifications forward as well as contributing to the Eclipse IDE project and the Apache Felix project. Thomas lives and works in Austin Texas as a Senior Software Engineer at IBM.

José Paumard

José works as Java Developer Advocate at Oracle. PhD in applied maths and computer science, assistant professor at the University Sorbonne Paris Nord for 25 years, he is a Java Champion Alumnus and JavaOne Rockstar. He is a member of the french Paris Java User Group, has been a co-organizer of the conference Devoxx France, and is a disorganizer of JChateau, an unconference held in the Chateau of the Loire Valley. He works on the documentation website, publishes the JEP Café, a monthly video cast on YouTube.

Emily Jiang

Emily Jiang is a Java Champion. She is Liberty Cloud Native Architect and Chief Advocate, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) in IBM, based at Hursley Lab in the UK. Emily is a MicroProfile guru and has been working on MicroProfile since 2016 and leads a number of specifications including MicroProfile Config and Fault Tolerance. She interacts with most of the other MicroProfile specifications. She is also active in Jakarta EE specifications. She is a co-lead in Jakarta Config and also a Jakarta Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) committer. At IBM, she leads the effort of implementing all of MicroProfile specifications on Open Liberty.

She is passionate about MicroProfile and Jakarta EE. She regularly speaks at conferences, such as QCon, Code One, DevNexus, JAX London, Voxxed, Devoxx, EclipseCon, GeeCon, JFokus, etc.

Connect with Emily on

Otavio Santana

Empowering software engineers to deliver highly scalable and efficient software on the cloud with the ultimate sophistication techniques using the best practices on open source; lets them become productive and more influential, moving their technical careers to the next level.

Otavio is a passionate architect and software engineer focused on cloud and Java technologies. He has deep expertise in polyglot persistence and high-performance applications in finance, social media, and e-commerce.

Otavio has contributed to the Java and the Open source ecosystem in several ways, such helped the direction and objectives of the Java platform since Java 8 as a JCP executive member, besides being a committer and leader in several open-source products and specifications.

Otavio is recognized for his Open Source contributions and has received many awards, including all JCP Awards categories and the Duke’s Choice Award, to name a few. Otávio is also a distinguished Java Champions and Oracle ACE program member.

Otávio loves history, economy, traveling, programming, and real-world languages. He speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and French fluently in dad jokes.

Nathan Rauh

Nathan has been an employee of IBM for the past 23 years as a software engineer. He works on Open Liberty and is involved in both Jakarta EE and Microprofile. Nathan is a committer on several Jakarta specification projects, including Jakarta Data, Jakarta Concurrency, Jakarta Connectors, and Jakarta JSON-B.

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